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Noble, Branders. Branders Noble was created by A. Richard Martin and appeared in Cassiodore Case (1927) and Death of the Claimant (1929).

Branders Noble is a Great Detective. He is a consulting detective in London who hires out to the upper classes (the only ones who can afford his £1000 pound fee, payable on the solving of a case), solving cases in order to free suspected men from being convicted of crimes they did not commit. Noble has a “small, almost dwarfed and distorted body” with “dark, deep-set eyes,” a “harsh, unpleasantly grating stridency of the voice” and is given to “surface asperities” and “bitter irony.” Noble has rooms in Kensington and is Watsoned by his friend Vernon, and is served by his proper British valet Jonson.

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