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Ng’ Kee He. Ng’ Kee He was created by H.P. Hunter and appeared in five stories in The Detective Magazine and Detective Weekly from 1923 to 1939, beginning with “Ng’ Kee He” (The Detective Magazine, May 25, 1923).

Ng’ Kee He. A Cantonese. No nation, race, or country ever produced, either in fact or fiction, a man sleuth so eerily accurate and successful as he. Of powerful frame, he possessed enormous strength. A head and jaw as hard as granite. Eyes keen, black, and piercing, ever on the alert and watchful. Yet withal an immobility of countenance that was quite extraordinary even for a Cantonese Chinaman.

I commanded a Criminal Investigation and Secret Service department in a jungle province of Malaya. Ng’ Kee He was the head of my native staff, a mixed collection of Chinese, Malays, Indians, and Javanese. He was a born linguist, and I know of no language with which he was not more or less conversant. Such was the awe and fear with which the natives regarded him that he was considered almost taboo.

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