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The New Eccentric Club. The New Eccentric Club appeared in the German dime novels Lord Percy vom Excentric Club #1-44 and Percy Stuart vom Excentric Club #45-134 (1913-1916) before being spun off into their own series, Der Neue Excentric Club #1-534 (1920-1927).

The New Eccentric Club is the group to which Percy Stuart aspires to join. They are a group of American and English gentlemen, located in Paris, who solve murders and similar vile crimes around the world, from Niagara Falls to Beijing to London and all points between, on the land, under the sea’s surface, and in the air. They often work with Percy Stuart, but on occasion venture off on their own. Sometimes they engage in races, to see who can cross the oceans the fastest, but more often their stories involve murders and other crimes.

The Club fights Yellow Perils in Paris’ Chinatown, Mad Scientists, investigates secret passages in the Sphinx, teams up with Thomas Edison, fights pirates on the Mississippi River and the Ghost Pirates of Missouri, meets The New Robinson, meets a Martian ambassador, fights mummies, fights Percy Stuart’s doppelgänger, meets Dr. Jekyll, captures a new Jack the Ripper, fights the King of the Bedouins, fights British spies at the top of the Eiffel Tower, discovers the island on which Robinson Caruso was stranded, and captures submarine pirates and “Eskimos.”

The Club appears in stories with titles like “The Gift of the Borgias,” “The Red Castle of Greenland,” and “The Revenge of the Buddha.”

* I'm including the New Eccentric Club in the Best of the Encyclopedia category because of the imaginative content in the stories. A spin-off from the hugely popular Percy Stuart stories, the New Eccentric Club took the time-honored format of the Club Story, oriented it around crime-fighting, added High Pulp adventure and crossovers, and ladled in imaginative pulp content. The result was as popular as the Percy Stuart stories themselves, and just as good. 

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