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Nena Sahib. Dhondu Pant, better known as Nana Sahib (1824-?) was an Indian leader during the Indian rebellion of 1857. In 1858-9 he appeared as the hero of Hermann Goedsche's Nena Sahib, oder: Die Empörung in Indien. In 1906, Goedsche's Nena Sahib was expanded upon in the unauthorized retelling in the German dime novel Bibliothek Der Abenteuer #1-10 (1906-1907).

Bibliothek Der Abenteuer expands upon the basic plots of Nena Sahib, adding more depth and taking Sahib and other main characters, including the female Thug (and proto-Gun Moll) Anarkalli, around the world for further adventures.

Nena Sahib appears in stories with titles like "The Brigand's Nest in the Abruzzi," "Under California's Gold Graves," and "The Human Victims of the Murder Sect."

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