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Ndongo, Eyene. Eyene Ndongo was created by the Cameroonian author J.L. Njemba Medou and appeared in a novel and a number of folktales from 1932 to the present, beginning with Nnanga Kôn.

Eyene Ndongo is a member of the Bulu/Pahuin people of Cameroon, a group derisively called “bushmen” by outsiders. In Nnanga Kôn Ndongo and his friend Asomo Ngono witness the hugely negative impact of first contact between the Bulu and the colonialist whites, who are described by the Bulu as nnanga kôn, or “phantom albinos.” The whites are White Perils: almost supernatural in the devastation they wreak, possessed of unnatural and evil technology, and foisting materialism and consumer goods on the Bulu, with results that haunt Ndongo and Ngono.

Ndongo and Ngono were so popular with the Cameroonian public that they became the subjects of various folktales.

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