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Narcy, Andre. Andre Narcy was created by “Claude Farrére,” the pseudonym of the French author Frédéric Bargone, and appeared in La Maison des Hommes Vivants (1911).

Andre Narcy is a captain in the French army who is ordered to deliver a message to a post in a remote mountain area. He gets lost in the mountains and is rescued by an old man, who takes him to a house in which the man lives with his father and grandfather. Narcy eventually discovers that these three are the Superhuman “Living Men” and that they use St. Germain’s method of immortality. Unfortunately, this method involves leeching the life-force from other beings, and the three men have most recently been victimizing Narcy’s mistress. Narcy doesn’t want his mistress to be killed in this fashion, and the Living Men can’t let him go to tell the world about them, but neither do they want to kill them. Eventually they strike upon a solution, and the Living Men create a doppelgänger of Narcy from his life-force, and then push it over a cliff, so that when it is found Narcy will be assumed dead. Being drained in this way reduces Narcy to an old, feeble man, and the Living Men release Narcy.

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