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Nancy. Nancy was created by the Mexican creator Jose G. Cruz (Adelita, Brenty, Juan Sin Miedo, Letty Lou, Gerald Meldrick, Monje Negro) and appeared in a number of comic strips from 1937 to 1958, beginning with “Nancy y la Banda Escarlata” (Pepín, Oct. 5, 1937-Feb 8, 1938).

During the Mexican Revolution (1910-1920) Nancy is a private detective operating out of Mexico City. She is a chica moderna, an independent modern Mexican woman free of the superstitions and traditions of old and is as interesting in solving crimes, making money for himself, and being the aggressor in her relationship with her fiancé José as often as she is in being a traditional Mexican woman. She takes on a murder case which leads to her tackling the Scarlet Band, an international criminal conspiracy, and becoming a member of an Interpol-like organization. She also shares a varied mix of adventures with Adelita and romances Brenty.

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