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Mystère, M. M. Mystère was created by the Canadian author Michel Bernard and appeared in Les exploits fantastiques de Monsieur Mystère l'homme au cerveau diabolique #1-289 (1952-1967) and Les exploits fantastiques de Monsieur Mystère l'incroyable gigolo #290-318 (1967-1968).

M. Mystère is a Québécois scientist, inventor, and adventurer who makes several scientific discoveries, such as the key to turning invisible, and takes on a variety of criminals, from the mundane to the fantastic. Many of his stories are overtly science fictional. Monsieur Mystère takes on evil strippers, female Evil Surgeons, various monsters (including sea serpents), Gun Molls, insane Superhuman WWII veterans, a Jungle Hero called the “Panther Woman,” a number of evil aliens (including a Martian rapist and creatures of “the Planet of Satan"), a subterranean city, monstrous female Selenites, and a Moreau-like Mad Scientist called “The Breeder of Women,” among many others.

M. Mystere appears in stories with titles like “The Gigolo of the Stars,” “The Sadistic Pharmacist,” and “Satellite of Flesh.”

* I'm including the M. Mystere stories in the Best of the Encyclopedia category because of its imaginative content. Ho, hum, just another Canadian ideasplosive pulp. Female Selenites, the Panther Woman, a Martian rapist...I've seen this all before, haven't I? In fact, no, no you haven't. The M. Mystere is a good example of a particular kind of Canadian pulp, combining ideasplosions and a more sexually lurid edge than anything an American or German publisher might release. 

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