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Myrandhal, Serge. Serge Myrandhal was created by the French author Henri Gayar and appeared in Les Aventures Merveilleuses de Serge Myrandhal sur la Planète Mars (1908) and Les Robinsons de la Planète Mars (1927). Les Robinsons de la Planète Mars is a reworking and completion of Les Aventures Merveilleuses, which was left unfinished in 1908.

Serge Myrandhal is a Planetary Romance Hero. Myrandhal is an engineer who has created the Velox, a spaceship powered by psychic energy. The Rajah of Almowrat offers Myrandhal the psychic power of all of his fakirs, and they manage to propel the Velox to Mars. Myrandhal is met there by his young wife, his English tutor Pickman, and his dog Stop, who have traveled to Mars in a second, smaller “psychoscaphe,” the Annabella. The group explores Mars and encounter the primitive Houâ, a race of red dwarfs. The group baptizes one of the younger Houâ, who they name Tao, and take him with them. The group travels over the Martian oceans in search of the “Zoa,” a race of civilized Martians, but the humans discover that the Zoa have slipped into a millennia-long sleep and then died. The humans then return to Earth.

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