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Muththaiyan. Muththaiyan was created by “Kalki,” the pseudonym of the Indian author Ra. Krisnamūrtti, and appeared in the serial “Kalvanin Kātali” (Ananda Vikatan, 1937; as a novel, 1937).

Muththaiyan is a dacoit/bandit modeled on Jampulinkam. Muththaiyan is a poor, good-hearted Tamil peasant in the village of Punkulam. Life aligns against Muththaiyan and forces him to become a dacoit, which he does as a kind of Tamil Robin Hood. The lovely Kaliyāni, equally as poor as Muththaiyan, falls in love with him, but the cunning police inspector Shāstri is on the trail of Muththaiyan, and when Kaliyāni mistakenly believes Muththaiyan has been unfaithful to her, she betrays Muththaiyan’s location to Inspector Shāstri, leading to Muththaiyan’s death and hers.

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