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Murtol, Two-Shot Billy. Two-Shot Billy Murtol was created by T.W. Ford (Hunt Canning, Black Hawk Lee, Silver Kid) and appeared in a number of stories in Fighting Western, beginning with “Voice of the Gun” (Fighting Western, Feb. 1945).

Two-Shot Billy Murtol is a cowboy with a problem. He knows he’s in Slago, but he doesn’t know anything else, about himself or anyone. A bullet “nicked his skull some nights ago—he had lost count of time” and now he has no memory. He has a “lost-animal look on his beard-stubbled face,” bone-handled Colts, and only vague memories, but he knows he’s on the run. “It was like walking in a perpetual fog. To make it worse, in a vague way he guessed that he had killed.” Eventually he recovers his memory and discovers that he was a good guy.

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