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Murch, Joel. Joel Murch was created by Stephen G. Hale and appeared in “The Laughing Death” (Amazing Stories, Apr. 1931) and “Worlds Adrift” (Amazing Stories, May 1932).

Joel Murch is an inventor who is interested in splitting the atom. He borrows an advanced microscope which will allow him to do this, and he uses what he learns to build several earth-boring Worms which Murch uses to construct a large number of tunnels. Murch intends to use these as a refuge for a war which he sees as imminent. An anti-Semitic stereotype, Grubsnig, sabotages one of the Worms, and the Worm’s disintegrator cuts the Earth in two. In the sequel Murch and Grubsnig work together to merge the two halves of the Earth. They fail.

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