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Mudgewood, Jerome. Jerome Mudgewood was created by “Paul Bo’ld,” the pseudonym of Edward Bousfield, and appeared in six stories in The Idler in 1910, beginning with “The Retardatory Force” (The Idler, July 1910).

Jerome Mudgewood is an Unlucky Inventor. Mudgewood’s inventions are not so much unlucky as simply too powerful for Mudgewood’s intentions. He discovers that “magneto” is the source of iron’s ability to be magnetized, but magneto is not just anti-gravitic but also explosive. He discovers that the source of a “masterful eye” can be made into a green paste that gives superhuman powers which are set off by strong emotions. He destroys his own house with a method for destroying gravity and cohesion (which are the same thing). And eventually Mudgewood gets stuck in the fourth dimension, never to return.

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