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Morrison, Dr. Dr. Morrison was created by "Jens Anker," the pseudonym of the Danish author Robert Hansen (Arne Falk), and appeared in Dr. Morrison #1-11 (1913-1914), Dr. Morrisons Oplevelser Og Eventyr #1-11 (1915), and Dr. Morrison #1-6 (1942).

Dr. Morrison is a Great Detective. As Dr. Morrison #1 says, “Dr. Morrison detects the universe! He can be all–knows all–sees all!” Morrison is a neurologist but also runs his own detective agency in London and consults with the police. Morrison deals with a variety of criminals, from patricides to white slavers to the Cabinet of Fu Manchu (I).

Morrison appears in stories with titles like “The Hyenas of London,” “A Dead Man’s Revenge,” and “Lady Audley’s Fan," a reference to the M.E. Braddon novel Lady Audley's Secret

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