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Morks, Murchison. Murchison Morks was created by Robert Arthur and appeared in six stories in Argosy and Blue Book from 1940 to 1953, beginning with “Postmarked for Paradise” (Argosy, June 15, 1940); the stories were collected in Ghost and More Ghosts (1963).

Murchison Morks is a Tall Tale Teller modeled on Joseph Jorkens. In his London club Morks tells or is told stories in his London club, such as the time he got some stamps from El Dorado. The stamps instantaneously mail anything to any valid address, including El Dorado itself. Morks is, blithely, the ultimate one-upper: “No matter what you may have done or seen, or where you may have been, it is not safe to speak of your experiences where Morks can hear you. Whatever you have seen, Morks has seen something stranger; whatever you have done, he has done something more thrilling; wherever you have been, he has been there before you, and under circumstances of considerably more danger.”

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