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Morgan, Dr. Ralph. Dr. Ralph Morgan was created by “J.W. Rochester,” the pseudonym of the Russian author V.I. Kryzhanovskaia, and appeared in five novels from 1909 to 1920, beginning with The Elixir of Long Life.

Dr. Ralph Morgan is a Superhuman. Morgan is just over thirty years old when he discovers that he is dying of an incurable disease. At a loss for what to do, he is contacted by the Hindu Prince Naraina Supramati, who was born in Egypt circa 300 B.C.E. and is an immortal. Supramati is "cruel and profligate," but he is also tired of life and desperately wants to die. To do so he needs to exchange drops of blood with a mortal, which will transfer his immortality to the mortal and in turn allow Supramati to take on the mortal's mortality. The transfer must be done willingly, and Supramati has not had luck finding anyone. But Supramati, through his occult clairvoyance, finds Morgan, who is a good person, a knowledgeable doctor, and a man uncorrupted by the vulgar ways of humanity, and that's just what Supramati wants.

So the transfusion is performed, Supramati finally dies, and Morgan takes his title, presenting himself to the world as Supramati's younger brother. Morgan also gets Supramati's wife and riches. Morgan is also accepted as a member of the "Brothers of the Round Table of Eternity," a mystic organization who work in secret to advance mankind's lot. The Brothers include Isaac Laquedem, the Wandering Jew; Dakhir, a Dutch time traveler who jumped from the 15th century to the 19th; Nivara, a Hindu priest; and Ebramar, an occult master from the year 2284. The group travel to various mystic areas around the world, having various adventures and trying to unite God and science. Their headquarters in the 19th century is in a castle, owned and run by Dakhir and located in Egypt. Eventually the group travel to Ebramar's time and get to wonder at the marvels of an advanced civilization, like rapid air travel.

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