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Morgan, Phil. Phil Morgan appeared in the German dime novel Phil Morgan - Der Herr der Welt #1-171 (1920-1922) and #1-2 (1922); the series was reprinted in Poland in 1925.

Phil Morgan is a Superhuman adventurer. Morgan is an aviator who travels around the Earth and beyond it accompanied by his two friends, Herbert Schranz, a big, bear-like man, and Jean, a boy. They go everywhere on Earth, from the Yukon to Lake Baikal to Shanghai, and even venture off-world, exploring comets, the Moon, and various planets. Morgan’s vehicle, the “Phaenomen-Apparat,” is powered by the wonder element "Morganite." The Phaenomen-Apparat can fly, drive on the land like a car, go underwater like a submarine, and go into space. Morgan himself is a heroic engineer and inventor of SCIENCE!, such as the "Death Ray," a gun which can anesthetize or kill. Morgan is also capable of superhuman feats, such as catching bullets with his bare hands.

Morgan rescues German victims of Pashtun kidnapers. He finds the cities of Lost Races underground and in a fog-wreathed island in the Arctic Ocean. He finds Lost Race Inca led by the Inca King. He meets the Superhuman “German Hercules.” Morgan fights air pirates, white slavers, Thuggee, human-sacrificing Polynesian kings, a new Shaka Zulu, Rif rebels, Abyssinian chieftains, Chinese pirates, Druse bandits, Malay cannibals (sic), the Yellow Peril Ohi-Fu, a Lupin, a club of “connoisseur criminals,” an aviator who has used “anti-Morganite” to construct a version of the Phaenomen-Apparat, wicked Tibetan Buddhists, “Judge Lynch” in Montana, and Satanists.

Morgan appears in stories with titles like “The Sky Pirate,” “The War of the Anti-Morganite,” and “The Throne of the Incas.”

* I'm including Phil Morgan - Der Herr der Welt in the Best of the Encyclopedia category because did you just read what I wrote??? Phil Morgan's got it all! It maxes out the coolness meter! It's over 9000! The ne plus ultra of the ideasplosive heftromane, right here! I'm getting a contact high just from remembering it all! 

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