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Morel. Morel was created by the French authors Pierre Giffard and Albert Robida and appeared in La Guerre Infernale #1-30 (1908); the series was reprinted in Spain and Argentina.

Morel is the chief foreign correspondent for the magazine L’Ans 2000. He reports on the horribly destructive world war of 1937. The war begins between Germany and Great Britain and France, but soon spreads, with the United States and Japan becoming involved. Japan, Yellow Perils that they are, attacks and conquers Europe and then attacks the United States and conquers most of it. This forces the British, French, Germans, Russians, and Americans to unite into the “White Wall” and attack the Japanese. The Japanese are not defeated until cholera is used against them in the Urals. Morel is the main observer of the war and is personally responsible for the defeat of the American air pirate Jim Koog.

Morel appears in stories with titles like “The Yellow Ants,” “The Armies of the Air,” and “Jap Versus Sam.”

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