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Moody, Ham. Ham Moody was created by William Bruner (Windy Bellows, Black Ace, Vincente the Yaqui) and appeared in “The Bandit-Doggers” (High Spot Magazine, Feb. 1931) and “No Sense of Humor” (High Spot Magazine, Mar. 1931).

Hamilton “Ham” Moody and Dudley “Breezy” Bowen are a pair of wandering cowpunchers “at peace with the world, out of jobs and broke–which was their usual state.” They’ve already been run out of Texas and New Mexico “because we minded too many people’s business, not includin’ our own.” Bowen is

big, being slightly over six feet, and raw-boned and hard. His blue eyes were laughing and friendly, and looked real intelligent, which fooled a lot of people. He would have made a darn good cow-puncher except that he labored under the delusion that some day he was going to be rich. Ham always got a pain under his ears when he thought of that.

Ham, on the other hand, was quiet and dependable. He wasn’t much on looks or size, either; but he used his energy doing things, while Breezy talked at length about what he was going to accomplish some other day.

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