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Montgomery, Schuyler. Schuyler Montgomery was created by Donald Cormack (Tom Cardigan) and appeared in “The Fountain of Youth Murders” (Strange Detective Mysteries, July 1940) and “Madam Satan’s Yellow Legions” (Strange Detective Mysteries, Nov. 1940).

Schuyler Montgomery is an amateur detective and vigilante who wars on the underworld as both “Dr. Hand” and “The Parson.” Schuyer Montgomery is the foremost lawyer in the community–he is young, independently wealthy, and known for turning down judgeships so he can fight for justice. As “The Parson”–the papers’ name for one of his alternate identities–he is a Killer Vigilante and will “use any method for justice” and commits “many crimes including burglary and murder. For Justice the Parson charges no fee.” As “Dr. Hand” he is a chimera, assuming any persona–kindly old man, crazed Evil Surgeon vivisector–if it will help in the fight against crime. His stories verge on the occult and the fantastic.

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