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Montbars (III). Daniel Montbars (?-?) was a French-born pirate who sank so many Spanish ships that he was known as “the Exterminator.” He appeared as the hero of El Pirata Justiciero. Aventuras Historicas de Montbars #1-29 (1931). Written by the Spanish author “Hugo Reyd” (Barbarroja, Buccaneers (II), Cabriola, Courier, the Dagger, Fermin de Castro, Five Invincibles, FlorianJack & Dolly, Millionaire Adventurer, Bill Navarro, Raul (I), Rin-Tin-Tin (II), Rob Roy, Sanson, Santana, Sinmiedo, Tit, Titan (I), Jack Wills), El Pirata Justiciero portrays Montbars as a heroic, justice-seeking buccaneer quite at odds with the historical reality.

Montbars (III) appears in stories with titles like “A Pirate’s Arrogance,” “The Revenge of the Evil One,” and “The Torture of the Knives.”

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