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Montavo, Baron. Baron Montavo was created by Park Winthrop and appeared in “The Land of the Central Sun” (Argosy, July 1902-Jan. 1903).

Bert and Lily Livingston and Jack and Louise Winton are on a pleasure cruise when their ship is blown off-course, all the way to Antarctica, and trapped in the ice. The ship is about to sink when an enormous zeppelin-like airship rescues them. The airship is the Meteor, owned by the suave, friendly Baron Montavo and operated by a group of Big-Headed Dwarf Geniuses. Montavo explains the Meteor’s anti-gravity mechanism and then takes the quartet through the tunnel and into the Hollow Earth. There is a sun at the center of the Hollow Earth, and various bizarre animals, such as winged cows and flying crocodiles, and the civilization of the Big-Headed Dwarf Geniuses who operate the Meteor. The Dwarfs have an advanced culture, but they are a monarchy (Montavo advises their king) and have an oppressed under-class. The miner Frods, a member of the under-class, leads a rebellion. After various battles the humans escape in the Meteor.

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