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Montague, Professor. Professor Montague was created by “Eric North,” the pseudonym of the Australian author Bernard Cronin (Dr. Lao Sars, The Toad), and appeared in “The Satyr” (Melbourne Herald, 1924).

Scientist and biologist Professor Montague has been experimenting with “cosmic dust” in an attempt to create a living being. Using radioactive material and cyanogen, he succeeds, creating invisible “biogens.” One of them is a black creature similar to a satyr that, after turning visible, goes on a rampage, followed by other, similarly evil creatures. Montague doesn’t know how to stop them, and can only hope that cold weather will kill them, or that his last creation, a white biogen, will do the job. The satyr carries off Montague’s daughter Ruth, clearly intending to rape her, but the white biogen catches up to the satyr and rescues Ruth.

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