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Monsieur V. Monsieur V was created by “A.V.,” the pseudonym of Allen Upward (Messenger Boy, Frank Tarleton), and appeared in twenty-two short stories in Pearson’s Magazine (U.S.) and two short story collections from 1903 to 1905, beginning with “The Telegram Which Began the Boer War” (Pearson’s Magazine (U.S.), Jan. 1903).

Monsieur V is a spy for the French government who involves himself in current affairs, from the telegram which began the Boer War to efforts to drag all of Europe into the Russo-Japanese War. He is honorable and a gentleman, but he doesn’t allow those qualities to interfere with his job. He duels with the beautiful Russian Femme Fatale Princess Y and deals with a mysterious, technologically advanced “phantom” submarine.

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