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Momotaro (I). In Japanese folklore Momotaro, or “Peach Boy,” befriends a group of talking animals and with their help defeats an army of demons on the island of Onigashima. Momotaro (I) appeared in the animated film Omochabako Shiriizu Daisanwa: Ehon 1936 Nen (1934), created by the Japanese creator Nakano Takao.

Momotaro (I) is a Superhuman. An idyllic South Seas island in which animals live in peace with each other is suddenly attacked by a number of mice, who look like Mickey Mouse, flying bats. The bats bomb the island, and a swarm of snakes with machine guns in their mouths invade the island. Fortunately for the natives, Momotaro, Kintaro, Hanasakuji, and other characters from Japanese folklore appear and destroy the invaders.

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