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Moe, Henrik. Henrik Moe was created by the Spanish creator Jaime Tomás and appeared in the comic strip “El Monstruo de Acero” (Pocholo, 1935-1936).

Henrik Moe is a young Norwegian fisherman who is surprised one day by the appearance of a floating island. Moe sails out to the floating city, to discover that it is a metal city full of uniformed men (led by Mr. Stellen) and the colossal robotic vehicle, the Monster of Steel, a giant egg with legs. Mr. Stellen takes Moe on the Monster of Steel’s maiden voyage around the world and then to the Dutch town where Stellen’s boss, the masked Mr. Molotoff, resides. Stellen rebels against Molotoff’s orders and uses the Monster of Steel (and the high-tech tanks it carries) to destroy the town and its inhabitants, including Molotoff. The strip ends without resolution.

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