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Moctezuma. Moctezuma I (1398-1469) was the fifth Aztec emperor. He appeared as the hero in the Mexican creator Alfonso Tirado (El AlacranFrankenstein, Huapactzin, MoabDick MorganOceyolotl, Phantom Thief (II), Pirate Queen (III), Karl Rice) comic strip “El Flechador del Cielo” (Pepín, Oct. 14, 1936-Apr. 19, 1938).

Moctezuma, emperor but still a young man, is overthrown by the traitors Yemac and Mixe, who seek to restore Quilatzi to the Aztec thrown. Moctezuma travels into a subterranean world inhabited by the bloodthirsty Ciriakan, who Moctezuma intends to conquer and civilize. Moctezuma is joined by the squire Truculi, and they fight the Ciriakan and later, in the “evil jungle,” the forces of the Femme Fatale Queen Zaye. Eventually Moctezuma triumphs over all and regains his throne. His son is Huapactzin.

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