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Mister Finis. Mister Finis was created by Benton Braden (Willie Brann, Johnny Pike) and appeared in eight stories in Thrilling Detective from 1936 to 1938, beginning with “Meet Mr. Finis” (Thrilling Detective, Sept. 1936).

Mister Finis is a Killer Vigilante. John Kent is a rich young socialite and bachelor who lives in a palatial apartment in the most fashionable section of New York City. He is slim and muscular, and is fueled by a hatred of crime. Kent has two alternate identities. The first is Jobber Legg, an assassin for the Mafia. The other identity is Mister Finis, whose eyes burn with a deadly loathing for criminals and who is widely hated and feared by them. Kent is assisted by Kimmel, his Dutch servant, who knows of his alternate life. A woman named Sheba Green is also aware of who Mister Finis really is. She, unfortunately, is mysterious, selling her information to the highest underworld bidder rather than joining his war on crime.

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