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Mister District Attorney. Mister District Attorney was created by Ed Byron and appeared in the radio show Mister District Attorney (1939-1953) and in four films from 1941 to 1947.

Mister District Attorney, the show’s protagonist, is never named beyond "Mister District Attorney" (or, by his sidekick and secretary, "Chief" or "Boss"). He is a crusading D.A. modeled on Thomas E. Dewey. Mister District Attorney is a two-fisted adventurer, but he has a high conviction rate, and his crimes are very topical, from Nazi spies to Mad Scientists (one of whom tries to bury him alive) to gasoline hijackers to black marketers to berserk war veterans randomly shooting people. Mister District Attorney is helped by his sidekick Harrington and his secretary Miss Miller.

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