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Miró, Sebastián. Sebastián Miró was created by the Spanish author Agustín Elías and appeared in five novels from 1925 to 1944, beginning with Cómo Se Hace Una Fortuna En Seguros.

Sebastián Miró is a Spanish adventurer with a colorful past. He was a Marine, he fought with Pancho Villa, he mined for gold in Alaska, and he fought gangsters in Chicago. Tired of wandering, but still looking for excitement and adventure, Miró returns to Madrid to fight crime at home, assisted by the brave “Limón,” a.k.a. Juan Pérez. Miró and Limón fight stolen art traffickers who are focusing their attention on Spanish cathedrals. Miró and Limón combat the Nazi-like criminal conspiracy the Black Hand, who are intent on bringing together all Spaniards, from Basques [sic] to Catalonians to Aragonese, to create a new Spanish empire. In his final appearance Miró travels to America.

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