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Minx. Minx appeared in the German dime novel Minx der Geisterbeschwörer #1-10 (1908) and Minx der Geistersucher #1-10 (1908); the series was reprinted in Sweden and in the Netherlands with Harrison as its lead.

Minx is an Occult Detective. He is a tuxedo-clad ghosthunter, ghostbreaker, and exorcist who makes use of a “spirit camera” on cases. Minx is an American private detective who specializes in occult disturbances. He is slim, with black hair, and has handled hundreds of occult cases. Although several of his stories dealt with ordinary crimes, several others had fantastic elements to them--murder via hypnotism, screaming blood, disappearing corpses, and the like. Minx has offices on 12 Avenue A, New York, New York, and is assisted by police detective Jeffers.

Minx appeared in stories with titles like “The End of the Crime Boss,” “The Ghost Gambler,” and “The Hypnosis Murder.”

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