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Millstein, Donald. Donald Millstein was created by Joe W. Skidmore (Posi & Nega) and appeared in “The Velocity of Escape” (Amazing Stories, Aug. 1934) and “A World Unseen” (Wonder Stories, Feb-Apr 1936).

Donald Millstein is a brilliant scientist and inventor. Which is fortunate, because Verensky, a Russian Mad Scientist, has developed a hatred for all humanity and is attempting to push all the oxygen molecules on Earth into the vacuum of space. Verensky, who also goes by the name “Falcon,” has a mile-long orbital platform, and Millstein takes his own spaceship up to attack Verensky’s ship. The two ships battle to a draw, so Millstein challenges Verensky to a mano-a-mano duel, which Verensky accepts. Another ship crashes into Verensky’s platform, destroying it, but Verensky escapes. In the sequel, Millstein goes into the bloodstream of his sweetheart Joane Cromwell in order to destroy a bullet lodged in her spine. (She took the bullet to protect Millstein). After various doings Joane is healed and Verensky is trapped in Joane’s blood.

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