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Miles, Major. Major Miles was created by L.B. Yates and appeared in four stories in The Saturday Evening Post from 1914 to 1919, beginning with “Major Miles and the Grim Reaper” (Saturday Evening Post, July 18, 1914).

Major Miles is a Con Man. Major Agamemnon Miles is the very picture of contentment: portly, optimistic, well-dressed, and projecting bonhomie and optimism. There is a reason for this: he is a racetrack bookie, and a skillful, clever, and above all unscrupulous one, whose schemes usually net him large amounts of money for relatively little investment. Naturally, there are minor bumps in the road to Mammon, such as angry gamblers, furious competitors, and the gentlemen of the law, but they are all too slow for the crafty and quick-to-leave-town Major Miles, who never lends his actual name to any of his enterprises: “he was past master in the art of molding bullets, but he felt uncomfortable on the firing line.”

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