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Mentorians. The Mentorians was created by Leslie F. Stone and appeared in “Men with Wings” (Air Wonder Stories, July 1929) and “Women with Wings” (Air Wonder Stories, May 1930).

Several centuries ago Mentor, a Scottish laird, performed a series of experiments on birds in the hope that he could use the results of the experiments to give men the power of flight. He had some success, and his descendants, who kept up the experiments, had more so, until, by the time of the 20th century, there were a number of men and women on his estates who had wings and could fly. When the authorities discovered them, they fled to the jungles of Peru. They then began abducting women and men into their society in order to add strength to their line. This brings them into conflict with the outside world, but thanks to their SCIENCE!, including their cyclone-makers and lightning-projectors, the Mentorians fight the outsiders to a standstill and achieve a detente with them. In the sequel, set in the 30th century, the Mentorians come in conflict with Venusians.

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