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Melchan, Lin. Lin Melchan was created by Warren Lucas and appeared “The Devil Beats Death’s Drums” (Dime Mystery Magazine, Dec. 1938).

Lin Melchan is a Disabled Detective. In Melchan's case, "the lean, limber man, square-jawed, grey-eyed," is "normal in every other respect, powerful and healthy as an athlete," but "Lin Melchan possessed one curious defect. So finely-drawn were his ear-drums, so abnormally sensitive the coils and tubes of his auditory system, that the faintest sounds rang sharp and clear in his head and loud ones caused him acute pain.” To combat this Melchan has altered his office as much as possible–it has strips of cork on the walls, inch-thick felt pads on the floor, felt-lined locks and hinges, and permanently sealed windows. When Melchan has to leave the office, he does so with earplugs firmly in place, but they don’t help much. Melchan is sidekicked by Slugger, a former bantamweight boxer. Melchan fights voodoo conspiracies.

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