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Meadows, Squeakie. Squeakie Meadows was created by Margaret Manners and appeared in three stories in Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine from 1943 to 1946, beginning with “Squeakie’s First Case” (Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, May 1943).

Squeakie Meadows is a Superhuman. Squeakie Meadows is a bright, pretty, clever woman who is, unfortunately, married to a man who neither appreciates her properly nor  treats her with anything except patronizing, sexist condescension. (She loves him anyhow. It’s a mystery bigger than any she solves). She is interested in human psychology, and takes course which add to her understanding. That understanding, and her powers of observation, help her solve murders which she encounters or hears about, but more useful still to her is her intuition, the (perhaps literal) pricking of her thumb, which is so strong as to be inarguably psychic.

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