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McTeague, Captain. Captain McTeague was created by Bassett Morgan and appeared in “The Devils of Po Sung” (Weird Tales, Dec. 1927) and “Demon Doom of N’Yeng Sen” (Weird Tales, Aug. 1929).

Captain McTeague is a South Seas Adventurer. He is a pearl trader in the Banda Sea. Unfortunately for McTeague, his usual supply for pearls is the native chief Tukmoo, and Tukmoo’s pearl lagoon has been usurped by Po Sung, an Evil Surgeon Yellow Peril. Po Sung’s specialty is transplanting human brains into the bodies of animals, which he has done with, among others, the thugs Red Murphy (into an alligator) and Tricky Turner (into an ape). One thing leads to another, and McTeague goes to war with Po Sung. McTeague storms Po Sung’s labs but is captured by Po Sung, who intends to put McTeague’s brain into the body of a performing monkey. But the other animals rebel and kill Po Sung. In the sequel McTeague loses a hand, meets another evil Chinese surgeon, and eventually helps Murphy and Turner get their human bodies back.

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