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McKenzie, Captain Craig. Captain Craig McKenzie was created by Ted Sherdeman and appeared in the radio serial Latitude Zero (1941). In its time Latitude Zero was regarded as one of the greatest science fiction radio serials.

Captain Craig McKenzie is a Superhuman. Captain Craig McKenzie is afraid that humanity is headed for its doom. So he creates a SCIENCE! utopia on a remote island in the South Pacific, at “Latitude Zero,” and uses his technologically-advanced submarine, the Omega, to rescue or abduct talented people from “civilization.” McKenzie succeeds at this even if he has to brave giant crabs and man-eating trees or battle with his nemesis, the techno-tyrant Malic, who uses his rocket to search for McKenzie’s island. McKenzie’s background is mysterious. He can recover within seconds from an apparently fatal gunshot wound and has a faithful African bodyguard, Simba. And the Omega has, engraved on its hull, the words “launched July 11, 1805.”

* I'm including Latitude Zero in the Best of the Encyclopedia category because it was well-written. Sadly, only fragments of Latitude Zero survive, so that the "well-written" description is not based on primary evidence (i.e., me listening to a lot of episodes) but rather on what reviewers wrote about Latitude Zero while it was broadcast. Those reviewers thought very highly of the show, praising its characterization, dialogue, and plot, and using words like "exciting" and "thrilling." So, unfortunately, Latitude Zero falls into the category of "permanently lost classic." 

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