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McCrackin, Bullwhip Bill. Bullwhip Bill McCrackin was created by Tom Roan and appeared in twenty-two stories in Star Western, Big-Book Western Magazine, and New Western Magazine from 1940 to 1948, beginning with “The Bullwhip Man-Breaker” (Star Western, Feb. 1940).

Bullwhip Bill McCrackin is “that fabulous, blustering trouble-buster...whose own amazing brand of blacksnake lightning tamed lawless Grizzly Creek.” McCrackin is an irascible man who is hostile to the law and is a friend to honest outlaws, like the Idaho Kid, but McCrackin has no love for bullies and makes it his business to interfere with their business. Fortunately, McCrackin has an almost supernatural skill with his whip, that “hissing black streak of damnation,” and that usually is the difference in conflicts with bad guys.

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