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Mazalier. Mazalier was created by the French author Eugène Thebault and appeared in Radio-Terreur (1927-1928).

Mazalier is a brilliant scientist and inventor who is forced to intervene when a Mad Scientist threatens Paris with its destruction, and that of the whole world, in one hour. The scientist issues his threat over a radio broadcast, and predicts the minute-by-minute lowering of the temperature and dimming of the sun. Mazalier knows what is happening and counteracts what the mad scientist is doing, and then begins tracking him down. Mazalier discovers that his enemy is the Marquis de Saint-Imier, and finds out where he is, but by now the Marquis has discovered that Mazalier is after him, and a duel of SCIENCE! weapons follows, involving death-rays, force-fields, and Saint-Imier sending two projections of himself out into Paris to distract Mazalier. Mazalier takes control of the projections and forces them to kill the Marquis.

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