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Mayo, Ponga Jim. Ponga Jim Mayo was created by Louis L’Amour (Steve Cowan, Turk Madden) and appeared in nine stories in Thrilling Adventures from 1940 to 1943, beginning with “East of Gorontalo” (Thrilling Adventures, Jan. 1940).

Ponga Jim Mayo is a South Seas Adventurer. “Ponga Jim” Mayo is the American captain of the tramp freighter Semiramis. He travels the East Indian seas, from Singapore to Borneo, and is happy to mind his own business and let others be proxies for Germany and Britain. But trouble finds him, and Mayo, two-fisted, pugnacious, and a veteran of many a waterfront brawl, doesn’t back down when confronted with pirates, spies, dope smugglers and gun runners. Mayo allies with British Intelligence officer Major Arnold and helps Arnold fight Axis agents all across Southeast Asia.

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