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Maxon, Tensleep. Tensleep Maxon was created by Bart Cassidy and appeared in 126 stories in Dime Western Magazine from 1933 to 1951, beginning with “Tensleep–Lawman!” (Dime Western Magazine, Oct. 1933).

Tensleep Maxon a Wanted Man. He is a cowboy adventurer and wanted outlaw. He’s not bloodthirsty or particularly violent, however, and is much more likely to talk than to shoot: “I’d gladly give my gunhand to enjoy for the rest of this cruel, rollickin’ restless thing called life, a bit of peace.” Maxon has a variety of horses and is known as a horse dealer. He goes by a variety of nicknames: “Hardrock Jones,” “Catastrophe Jones,” and “Tensleep, Doctor of Gunsmoke.”

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