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Mavericks. The Mavericks were created by “Kent Thorn,” the pseudonym of Tom Mount (Silver Trent), and appeared in five stories in The Mavericks and Bull’s Eye Western from 1934 to 1935, beginning with “Five Against the Law” (The Mavericks, Sept. 1934).

The Mavericks are five good-natured wandering adventurers and cowboys, known as “the Longriders of the West,” who are wanted by the law for various crimes. They are: Charlie Parr, the group’s leader, an old-time outlaw formerly a member of the notorious Boothill Kennedy Gang; Lockjaw Johnson, Parr’s loyal, horsey sidekick; Lance Clayton, a “buoyant” shootist who went outlaw because of a faithless lover; Flint Maddox, a melancholy former rancher who had been ruined by a neighbor, who torched Maddox’s house—Maddox’s wife and children died in the fire, and Maddox killed the neighbor and his foreman in a duel and then went on the run as a Wanted Man; and Doc Grimson, a gambler, and the quickest and most fearless of the group. They wander the American southwest frontier in the years after the Civil War, robbing banks and helping the innocent and oppressed where they find them.

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