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Mauri, John. John Mauri was created by the Italian creator Gianluigi Bonelli (Furio Almirante, Giorgio Landi, Claudio Reni, Sandro, Marco Villa, Tex Willer, Yorga) and appeared in L'Ultimo Corsaro (1937) under the name of “John Gable,” and in Le Tigri dell'Atlantico (1937) and I Fratelli del Silenzio (1937-1938) as “John Mauri.” When L'Ultimo Corsaro was reissued in 1940 Mauri, because of fears of Fascist censorship, was forced to rename the novel Le Tigri dell'Atlantico and renamed the character John Mauri.

John Mauri is a policeman modeled on Dick Tracy. Mauri isn’t stupid, but he is given to solving cases with his fists rather than his brains. Mauri is good with his fists, and is a tall, broad man, very well-muscled. In his first appearance he has to solve a murder case involving a blue corpse as well as takes on a mysterious supersubmarine manned by a crew of pirates led by Han Wolstein, a violent corsair with a particular grudge against the English (they pushed his brother to suicide). In I Fratelli del Silenzio Mauri, now married, takes on a ferocious group of Moloch-worshiping Moroccan stranglers who live in the dunes and the mountains of North West Africa. These stranglers were deliberately modeled on the Thuggees who Sandokan fought.

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