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Mattchu, Sadiu. Sadiu Mattchu was created by George Schuyler (Dr. Belsidus, Dr. Cranfield, Walter Crummel, Gail Reddick, Dick Welland) and appeared in “The Ethiopian Murder Mystery” (Pittsburgh Courier, Oct. 1935-Feb. 1936).

Sadiu Mattchu is a high-ranking agent in the Ethiopian intelligence service. He comes to New York City with his prince and several other agents to get the death ray of a friendly white scientist, Professor Tankkard. Mattchu is forced to kill his prince (who is debauched), Italian spies, and other collaterals, in order to get the death ray back to Ethiopia and defeat the Italians: “This is war, my friend...Ethiopia is fighting for her life. We cannot be squeamish. Italian bombs have killed thousands of defenseless women and children. What are the deaths of a few men like Sibra, Moroni, Donatelli and Bostoni compared to them?” Mattchu is hard, ruthless, and very smart.

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