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Masters, Jigger. Jigger Masters was created by Anthony Rud and appearing in twenty-four stories and serials and three novels and collections from 1918 to 1942, beginning with “The October Blight” (Green Book Magazine, Mar. 1918).

Jiggers Masters is a tough, craggy, and anti-social consulting detective: “He is a sort of super-detective whom a few chiefs of police and big business men call on for solving their most tangled problems.” Masters is tall, lean, imposing, with “an air of dignity and capability most impressive.” His adventures have a macabre side, although they are hoaxes set up to look like the occult, such as the "case of the smoking, severed finger in the handle of the cup of death." Masters lives on Long Island and is assisted by Tom Gildersleeve, a friend, and Mitsui, a Japanese houseboy.

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