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The Masked Rider (II). The Masked Rider (II) was created by Oscar Schisgall (Conway Clark, Doctor Dyme, Baron Ixell) and appeared in 101 stories in The Masked Rider Western and Exciting Western and thirty-three novels from 1934 to 1970, beginning with “The Black Caballero” (The Masked Rider Western, Apr. 1934).

The Masked Rider (II) is a Costumed Avenger Wanted Man. Wayne Morgan is a wandering, masked vigilante who brings justice to the lawless towns of the American frontier during the 1870s and 1880s. He is wanted by the law for his actions, but is known as “the Robin Hood of the West” and is “blessed by the oppressed to whom he brought hope and a surcease from unjust burdens.” In fact, in some parts of Texas he is thought of as a myth. He is tall, dark-haired, and has a certain air about him: “He knew what it was to ride the lonely trail of the condemned, the cruel, imperiled existence of an outlaw—the hunted mortal whose horse must ride with the wind, and whose life is no longer than his trigger finger… ‘I like to see justice done, even if my way o’ getting’ it ain’t always the way of the law.’”

Morgan rides a “magnificent black stallion” named Midnight and “his constant companion on his travels was a Yaqui Indian he called Blue Hawk,” who is expert with knife and rifle and is a skilled tracker.

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