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Masaki. Masaki was created by the Japanese author Yumeno Kyûsaku and appeared in Dogura Magura (1935).

Masaki is a Mad Scientist. Masaki and his colleague Wakabayashi discover that every male member of the Kure family supposedly suffers from “Stendahl syndrome,” which sends them into a murderous trance when they see a certain scroll. Masaki and Wakabayashi believe in “cell memory,” the theory that the feelings and memories of ancestors are transmitted to descendants, and Masaki and Wakabayashi decide to test their theory on one of the Kures. Although the Kure family has birthed only daughters, Masaki and Wakabayashi seduce one of them, and Masaki impregnates her. She bears a son, Ichiro, but then realizes what Masaki intends and runs away. He tracks her down and shows Ichiro the scroll, and he kills his mother.

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