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Maria, José (I). José Maria (1800-1844) was a notorious bandit in Córdoba in Spain. He was active in the Sierra Morena mountains, and is known for declaring that “the King may rule Spain, but I rule the Sierras.” He appeared as the hero of six stories in The All-Story Magazine in 1906, beginning with “By Approval of José Maria” (The All-Story Magazine, July 1906). The stories were written by Charles Francis Bourke and portrayed José Maria as a Gentleman Bandit. He is a sentimental and even romantic thief and outlaw of the Andalusian mountains not dissimilar to Don Q. He is feared by the King’s Guards and other government workers, as he feuds with them, robs them, and even kills them. He is known as the “Morning Robber,” and treats his victims chivalrously, even preferring not to steal from women.

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