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Marduk, Professor. Professor Marduk was created by the French creator Edgar-Pierre Jacobs and appeared in the comic strip “Le Rayon U” (Bravo, 1943-1946).

Professor Marduk is an amiable scientist and inventor in a world in which the countries of Norlandia and Austradia are at odds. Norlandia is peaceful, but Austradia is not. Fortunately, Marduk and his beautiful assistant, Sylvia Hollis, have created ultimate weapon, the Rayon U (U Ray). Unfortunately, they need to find the mineral uradium in order to power the U Ray. Marduk and Hollis go in search of uradium, assisted by the famous explorer, Lord Calder. Marduk, Hollis, and Calder endure dinosaurs, giant snakes, man-apes, and a malign Austradian spy before finally finding the uradium.

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